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Student Activities


One of the more remarkable elements of Liberty Christian School is the number of activities that are available to our students. Many schools may have more activities in a comparison of sheer numbers, but when considering the school’s modestly-sized student population and examining the situation as a ratio of students to activities, LCS effectively presents a wide variety of opportunities for students to be active and involved.


Ministry activities are one of the primary offerings for students to channel their talents and giftedness. Students participate in events with Operation Christmas Child, WorldHelp, Inmates of the Cross, Palmetto Avenue Baptist Church, Church At The Gym, Alive After 5, Hearts on Fire, and more! These activities reinforce our mission to educate and train the student in every area of life equipping them with practical, hands-on training so that they can use their gifts and talents to fulfill God’s plan for each of their lives.


Athletic opportunities are also available for students who are physically gifted or who simply enjoy playing a sport and being part of an athletic team. The school is a member of the SCL (Sunshine Christian League), South District, and participates in conference and state competition in several sports with other Christian schools in the area. At the junior and high school level, basketball and flag football are the sports offered to the boys, while basketball, cheerleading, and volleyball are the sports in which the girls participate.


We also offer opportunities for students to get involved in the justice system through the Seminole County Teen Court. Here students have the opportunity to participate as a Juror, Attorney, Court Clerk or Bailiff in cases brought against first time juvenile offenders. This program not only gives them an opportunity to serve the local community, but it also functions as an excellent, delinquency prevention tool.

There is also a student government in place at Liberty Christian School within the high school program. This gives students additional opportunities to be trained in leadership, exercise their strengths, and use their abilities to benefit others. Students operate their government with the guidance of a faculty adviser.


For those students especially interested in journalism, we also have a school newsletter published monthly. Additionally, a school yearbook is published annually, giving students the occasion to use and develop many different skills: photography, art, writing, management, and computer.


Several academic activities are also offered during the year. These activities include events like Spelling Bees, Arts Shows, and Science Fairs.

With such a wide range of activities, most Liberty Christian School students rarely lack for things to do or activities to pursue.