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Textbooks, although important, are only one part of the curriculum. The curriculum will also include the teacher’s knowledge, didactic tools, supplementary tools and materials, field trips, discussions, resource people invited to the classroom, etc. The whole curriculum is much broader than any one of its parts. When making a textbook selection, there must be the sensitivity to how well the text fits into our total curriculum in that subject area. In addition, the scope and sequence of each series is considered, along with a list of other criteria. Textbooks and instructional materials from both Christian and secular publishers are used in the classroom. Materials are chosen on the basis of their worldview and their academic worth with primary emphasis on compatibility with a Christian worldview.


In our elementary and middle school grades, we primarily use materials published by ABEKA Book.

6th-12th GRADES

Our high school instructional materials vary by course to provide our students with the greatest opportunity to learn and grow both mentally and spiritually, and include those published by ABeka BookBob Jones University Press, and Positive Action for Christ.